Africa's Coffee Farmers

The Africa Coffee Belt is the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Countries in this area include:

Tanzania, and more

Here, 25 million households – amounting to around 125 million people, are completely dependant on the coffee trade.

The Team

Africa Fresh was founded by Hennie Hanekom, lover of coffee and veteran in initiating positive change in African nations. We purchase Africa’s finest Arabica coffee beans at source and sell them to the rest of the world; pouring our profits back into these coffee communities. An organisation that is passionate about empowering Africa and it’s people, we believe that Africa’s hardworking coffee farming communities should benefit more from the fruits of their labour.

It is our quest to see these communities transcend poverty and have their quality of life improved sustainably – through trade, not aid. 

Our Clients

Here, there and everywhere – coffee is enjoyed worldwide! Our clients share our vision of creating a prosperous, empowered Africa through the Fair Trade of coffee, beautiful coffee. We sell our beans to smaller businesses (as opposed to mass-retail groups) who service or are themselves artisanal coffee purveyors. That said, Africa Fresh Coffee has the potential to be everywhere – in homes, coffee shops, hotels, offices and more – across the globe. 

Buying Africa Fresh Coffee distributed by Afri-Bean Coffee means you are supporting the sustainable development of those at its source as well as your local community.